Thank you from all of us at New Mexican Kennels for your kind words and loyalty through the years. 

My name is Bacchus. I was born at New Mexican Kennels and I go back there whenever my people leave town and go wherever people go on vacation. New Mexican Kennels is my vacation. I get attention from lots of new friends both two-legged and four-legged. I love my playtimes there and chasing my special squeaky ball.
Bacchus, the Labrador Retriever

When I’m in Albuquerque, whether on business or for a weekend away from home, I book a reservation for Bree and Beau at New Mexican Kennels. I greatly appreciate the caring staff and clean, safe accommodations at New Mexican Kennels. When we arrive at NM Kennels, Bree and Beau join the staff without hesitation. They enjoy Playcare and I’m sure they enjoy watching and barking at the other dogs to their heart’s content. What a great experience for me and Bree and Beau.
Carol Marler, Mcintosh, NM

Been a client for over 15-years. A great place for grooming and for boarding. Great family owned business here in New Mexico.
Chad Tivis

From the moment George is warmly greeted at the front door of New Mexico Kennels, he is treated with great care and affection. The staff is so professional including skillful handling of George and meeting all of his special needs. We have been at New Mexican Kennels for 33 years and would not consider taking our pets elsewhere.
Elaine & Wayne Chew

Gorby and Nika are always ready to jump in the car and head to New Mexican Kennels. It’s the only car trip they ever take, and they can’t wait to board! They never even wave (or bark) good-bye and are always happy and well-cared for when we pick them up.
Lisa Bowyer

New Mexican Kennels is great with all dogs. Grooming is really good. They love dogs.
Oliver Allred

We began bringing our dogs to New Mexican Kennels almost 15 years ago at the recommendation of our veterinarian. We particularly like the fact that NM Kennels has outdoor dog runs, which we feel provide a healthier and happier environment for our dogs. Our two Jack Russell Terriers have passed away, which leaves only “Melvin” to be treated like the special little guy that he is, by the staff at the Kennels. The people at New Mexican Kennels have always provided excellent attention and fantastic care both to us and to our dogs. Thanks to them for all they do!
Mickey, Jill and Melvin Shortencarier

This is our home away from home. We love coming here even though at times we don’t act it. Our names are Mr. Frankie and Gonzo. We are not only at New Mexican Kennels a few times each year, we also visit the spa where Cheryl makes us ever so pretty. We recommend the kennels to all our friends and consider the personnel our friends too.
Leo B. McCann

New Mexican Kennels has always treated my four-footed like family. They are caring, very skilled and provide wonderful services.
Nancy Jo Archer

Okos loves coming to New Mexican Kennels. When he knows where he is going, I can hardly keep him contained. He is so well attended to at his loving, second home.
JC Roberts

We have been coming to New Mexican Kennels for many years. The staff is the very best in our opinion, in Albuquerque. Sassy, our puppy stays here almost every month. The staff always greets our puppy by name, and each space has its own bed. The spaces are heated in the cool months and cooled in the warmer months. We have never had a bad experience here. We always tell Sassy she is going to the Spa and she loves it. We also have her groomed at New Mexican Kennels.
The Stover Family

Stanley and Murphy have been visiting New Mexican Kennels since they were 6-months old. They are now 11. As soon as they know where the car is heading they start barking, howling and tap dancing. Their happiness speaks for itself. We have been boarding our dogs here since 1991. Four stars as far as we are concerned.
Victoria Brooks