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Browse our wide range of pet supplies. We stock an impressive selection of super-premium foods, toys, bedding, grooming supplies, and more. Our store has everything your pet needs to support a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Super-Premium Dog & Cat Foods

At New Mexican Kennels, we believe in the health benefits of natural pet food made with whole ingredients. That’s why you’ll find only super-premium, natural pet foods in our store. We use Nutri-Source pet food to feed our visitors.

Pet Foods Currently In Stock

  • FROMM – Canine
  • NUTRISOURCE – Canine
  • NUTRISOURCE – Feline
  • TASTE OF THE WILD – Canine
  • PURE VITA Grain Free – Canine
  • PURE VITA Grain Free – Feline
  • TASTE OF THE WILD – Feline

These super-premium foods have no by-products, cornmeal, wheat or chemical preservatives — only whole, natural ingredients packed into every bite.

All of our pet foods come with a 100% guarantee. If your pet’s not happy, we’re not happy! PLUS, the majority of the pet foods we carry come with manufacturer Frequent Buyer rewards. Rewards vary with the brand of food, but you’re sure to love the savings!

If you’re not sure which brand is best for your pet, one of our Customer Care Specialists will happily assist you. Did you know – we offer FREE DELIVERY of pet food and supplies with a minimum purchase of $100 in our pet shuttle!

Pet Supplies

We stock pet supplies that help maintain the health and happiness of your four-legged friend:

  • Treats: Biscuits, bones and delicious bites galore
  • Supplements: An array of natural supplements and vitamins to keep your pet healthy
  • Grooming Products: Shampoos, conditioners, dental health products, grooming tools
  • Accessories: Leashes, collars, harnesses, comfy bedding and more
  • Toys: Squeaky, furry, fluffy, chewy and fun toys for your four-footed family member

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Shop New Mexican Kennels for the best food, the best treats, the best supplies, and the best service.

We take special pride in our experienced staff, who demonstrate their love and passion for animals in all that they do.

From the moment George is warmly greeted at the front door of New Mexican Kennels, he is treated with great care and affection. The staff is so professional including skillful handling of George and meeting all of his special needs. We have been at New Mexican Kennels for 33 years and would not consider taking our pets elsewhere.

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