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Happy Campers!

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ABQ Magazine Feature

Founded 66 years ago as the first pet care facility in New Mexico, New Mexican Kennels continues to be family-owned and family-run. Services include dog, cat, and small animal boarding, daycare, professional grooming, dog training, a retail store, and shuttle service.

New Mexican Kennels has earned a reputation for its sparkling clean environment, friendly, well-trained staff, and committed management team – The driving force behind the company’s continued success.

Canine lodgers enjoy a private, secure, indoor “condo” with attached 4′ x 18′ outside run, while feline guests relax and play in a separate quiet area of the building. Individual playtimes in Pavlov’s Garden enhance the experience for our canine friends. Enrichment activities vary based on the size, age, and preferences of each dog. Playtime for kitties includes brushing, petting, and exploring in the “kitty playroom.”

Curious pet owners are invited to tour the facility, firsthand, to see what New Mexican Kennels can offer. – Albuquerque Magazine


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