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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your check-in and check-out times?

Our temporary hours due to the COVID 19 pandemic are Monday – Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. Sundays by appointment. If you need to deliver or pick up your pet outside of these hours, we will try to accommodate you. You can make arrangements for special pick up/delivery during our business hours, or after hours call, (505) 250-7044 and leave a message. Your call will be returned within 24-hours.

The following hours will be resumed when the State of New Mexico’s Health Department deems it safe for people in our state to conduct “business as usual.” 

We are open Mon – Friday from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday from 3:00 pm -6:00 pm.

For check-in, we prefer pets to arrive no later than 5:00 pm so they can settle in for the evening. We encourage our customers to schedule their check-in time when making their reservation, to reduce any wait times for you and your pet. This is especially helpful during busy times such as holidays.

Check-out time without additional charges is 12:00 noon. You may check out at no additional charge during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am and 12:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Sunday you are always charged a full-day of lodging which includes check-out up until 12:00 noon on Monday. We are open from 3:00 pm  – 6:00 pm on Sunday should you wish to pick up your pet during these hours.

Can I tour your facility?

We welcome you to visit anytime during regular business hours. Our Customer Service staff will be delighted to take you on an informative tour of the public areas of New Mexican Kennels.

When do I pay for services?

Like all hotels, we charge a deposit when you make your pet’s Reservation. The deposit is equal to one night’s lodging for the type of room and number of pets.  The balance is due at check-out. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks. 

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, we do. However, since you have a deposit with us equal to one night’s lodging per pet, your deposit is forfeited in the event that you fail to show up on the expected date, or if you fail to cancel your Reservation as follows:

  • We require a 24-hour notice to cancel (except Winter Holidays.) Your deposit will be forfeited for failure to cancel within the stated time. Provided, however, should you cancel your reservation within 24-hours, your advance deposit will be credited to your account to be used for future products or services.

Winter Holidays -Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year cancellation terms are as follows:

  • Your deposit is equal to one night’s lodging per pet.
  • A 72-hour notice of cancellation must be given. Should you fail to cancel within that time frame, your card will be charged for an amount equal to the entire number of days you reserved, at our standard published rates for each animal. Should you cancel within the 72-hour period, your deposit will remain as a credit to your account and applied to future products or services.

How do I make a grooming appointment?

Returning customers may schedule online. New grooming clients should contact us directly to discuss your pet’s breed type, coat condition, etc. We will be happy to provide a quote for grooming based on your information. Once you bring your dog in, and we have evaluated the condition of your dog’s coat condition and confirmed the services,  we will verify the cost for your visit. 

Our Customer Care Specialists will be happy to discuss all of the options we have to offer!

What is your cancellation policy for grooming?

As a courtesy, we request a minimum of 24-hours notice for cancellation of your grooming appointment. 

Can I get extra playtime sessions for my pet?

We offer a number of activities for your dog and cat.

On an ala carte basis, we offer up to (3) playtime sessions per day.

We also offer several playtime packages for our canine friends. These are listed on our Dog Boarding and Day Care pages. 

Playtimes are one-on-one with a K9 Activities Counselor and are limited to individuals or dogs from the same family. Since dog manners can change quickly, we do NOT risk the safety and health of your pet by offering Group play sessions. However, we do allow pets from the same household that are boarded together, or who get along with each other to share playtime session. 

I want to board my dogs together. What if they have a fight?

Often, dogs from the same family will have minor spats over food or treats. This is normal behavior and not usually a concern, we will note that they are to be fed separately and no bones are to be given without supervision.

Unfortunately, sometimes dogs will get into very aggressive fights. When these fights take place our staff is trained to defuse the situation and separate the dogs. They will remain separate for the duration of the stay to prevent any serious injury.

Once a fight occurs at our facility, we will not risk allowing them to stay together in the future. This type of fight is most likely to occur between a young dog and an old dog and is usually to reassert dominance.

For their own safety, we will not board dogs together if their ages vary by 10 years or more, or if the older dog is not in good health. Dogs that are known to fight at home will not be allowed to board together.

In case my pet has an emergency or Illness, what is your policy?

Our first response depends upon the severity of the emergency. We may take any of these steps simultaneously, or if the incident is not that urgent enough for more than one person to be involved, we follow this procedure:

1.  Contact the owner or designated contact person if the owner has indicated they will not be available by phone, text, or email 

2.  Contact your veterinarian or if he/she is not available, we contact our veterinarian

3.  Take your pet to Veterinary Emergency Services. 

Your Boarding Agreement contains authorization for veterinary expenses with a stipulated $ amount. Our records are updated when you check-in to ensure that we have the latest contact information for you and your veterinarian. 

What brand of food do you feed?

Unlike most boarding kennels, we offer several free options to our customers.

You may select from one of these:

  1. Our standard CANINE kennel food is NutriSource Lamb & Rice formula, which contains no corn, wheat, soy or by-products.
  2. Choose from any of the super-premium dog food we stock in our store.
  3. Bring your pet’s own food pre-bagged in individual servings for each day of lodging. Please note: If food is not pre-packaged, we charge an additional $3.50 per day for this service.

We feed twice a day and will feed your pet three times per day upon request.

Please refer to our Cat Boarding page for information on feed for cats, and to our Bird and Small Animal page for information on food for these pets. 

What vaccinations do you require?

We require that all animals have current vaccinations prior to arriving at our facility. 

Canine Vaccination Requirements

Feline Vaccination Requirements

Bird & Small Animal Vaccination Requirements

Where can I fax my vaccination records?

Our Fax # is (505) 345-7545

Can I bring my dog's bed and toys?

Albuquerque’s City Ordinance 9-2-2-4 requires that all bedding be washed daily, so we do not allow customers to bring their pet’s bedding. We find that your own bedding may not fit into our washer, or may become damaged or lost. We provide a double-sided fleece mat made in the USA from synthetic lamb’s wool for your pet to sleep on. We also provide Kuranda cots at no additional charge for pets who need them, or upon request.

You can bring two of your pet’s favorite toys. We also carry a large selection of dog-safe toys in our store as well as bones and treats. 

What if my dog becomes sick?

There is no Veterinarian on premise. Should your pet not feel well, we will attempt to contact you, your emergency contact and your veterinarian for instructions.

However, if no communication is possible, we will contact our regular daytime veterinarian or our 24-hour emergency veterinarian, both of whom we are affiliated.

We will notify you and your veterinarian of your pet’s situation at the earliest opportunity.

How often should I groom my dog?

Grooming your dog is part of keeping it happy and healthy. Depending on the breed, age, coat, and some health conditions, pets should be groomed regularly every four to six weeks.

Our grooming staff will be happy to discuss an appropriate schedule that is right for your pet.


What are drop-off and pick-up times for grooming?

Pets with grooming appointments should arrive anywhere from 7:30 am to 9:00 am.

Upon check-in, we will discuss when your pet will be ready to pick up. We attempt to work with your schedule, however, the time for pickup varies, depending on how many pets are scheduled for grooming that day and the time it takes to groom your dog. 

The latest pickup time for grooming on Monday – Friday is 5:30 pm and on Saturday the latest pickup time is 4:00 pm. 

Can a friend or family member pickup or drop-off my pet

Yes, you may. However, you will need to provide us with the first and last name and contact information for the person that has permission to pick up your pet.

Please note: We require ID from the person authorized to pick up your pet. Should someone come in to pick up your pet, and their name and your authorization are not on file, or they don’t have the proper ID, we will not release your pet.

As far as payment is concerned, you may leave a valid credit card on file, you may pay in advance, or the authorized person may on your behalf.

How far in advance should I make a boarding reservation?

It’s never too early to make your reservations. We recommend making your kennel reservations at the same time as you book flights and hotels. Busy travel weekends also mean busy kennel weekends.

Generally speaking, a window of 7-10 days is best. However, please note that for holiday reservations, especially winter holidays we suggest you reserve space as early as two months in advance.