Careers at NMK

Careers at New Mexican Kennels

Do you dream of working around animals? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done? If so, Register with us and we’ll contact you about current and future careers at New Mexican Kennels.

New Mexican Kennels has been the premier pet care provider in the Albuquerque area for over 64 years. We are one of the most sought after companies to work for in developing a pet care career.

K9 & Feline Activities Counselor

Just want to have fun? This position requires you to manage playtime for our canine lodgers while ensuring their safety and wellbeing. This exciting position requires good customer service skills and knowledge or ability to master canine body language and work with the individual personalities of the dogs in our care. This position is an outdoor lover’s dream.

Pet Care Specialist

Fulfill your dream to work with animals. A vital part of our pet hotel is caring for the dogs and cats lodging with us. Pet health, happiness, and their wellbeing are of the utmost importance in this position. Responsibilities include cleaning, feeding, and close monitoring of pet guests as well as interacting with customers and staff. A bright, upbeat personality and a love of animals are a requirement for this position.

Professional Dog Groomer

Beautify pets. New Mexican Kennels professional groomers create the best look for each dog based on the coat and the client’s wishes. All breed experience is required as well as a creative eye for designer breeds. Excellent customer service skills are required. Entry-level positions are available for grooming school graduates.

Feline Stylist

Cats need grooming too. Cats need both bathing and styling. Cat grooming experience is required, as cats require a special touch. Excellent customer service skills are required.

Customer Care Specialist

The New Mexican Kennels experience begins as soon as guests step into our lobby. We believe our customers deserve the finest service in every interaction with us. In this front desk position, employees are required to interact directly with clients and their pets, helping to build and maintain positive relationships with pet owners, while tending to their needs, questions, and requests. Some of the responsibilities include: greeting customers in a warm and friendly manner, checking in and checking out pet guests, answering phones, booking reservations, promoting our unique services, basic computer skills, and a professional phone manner. Past customer service or sales experience is preferred, but love for animals is a must.

How to Apply:

Open the link to our Application. Complete it and mail along with a current resumé to:

New Mexican Kennels, 4401 Yale Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Or, you may deliver it in person at the above address.