Our Gift To You


One only has to “Google” relationships between kids and pets to find a vast number of studies on the importance and benefits of having a bond with an animal. Countless benefits can be drawn from their conclusions, as pets tend to improve the quality of life of the whole family, reduce stress and depression, and promote physical and mental balance.

We’ve provided several different ways for you to enjoy this calendar.

  1. View it ONLINE
  2. Download and print 2020 Kids and Pets 8.5 x 11 Calendar
  3. Download and print 2020 Kids and Pets 11 x 17 Calendar
  4. Download and print individual months

This calendar as with all the services we provide is a “labor of love.” It is brought to you by three generations of pet care experts in our family-owned and operated business, New Mexican Kennels.

Download Month-by-Month

Instructions for downloading a single page monthly calendar.

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