Giving your dog a blowout is a great way to get rid of their undercoat that might be shedding or pulling out in clumps when the weather turns from summer to fall. Professional dog groomers, like New Mexican Kennels, use dog blowers to remove your dog’s undercoat before grooming. This saves tons of time because combing or brushing out with an undercoat rake takes a long time, especially if you have a large breed dog.  If you are going to take on this task yourself, be prepared.  It is a messy task. Your dog will look as if his fur is blowing up into the air, filling the space where you are with tufts and clumps of fur. You may want to prepare yourself before you give your dog a blowout by wearing a face mask and clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.   Here at New Mexican Kennels, we have a room specially designed to catch that hair.  We are also very experienced at cleaning up all the residual mess left behind.

Dog Blowout Coat

Dog’s Perspective
Your dog is going to feel amazing once this undercoat is blown off of his skin and fur. However, be prepared for your dog to feel a little bit anxious. Especially if you’re using a high force dog blower and he’s never done this before.  That’s why we try to ease some of this anxiety, by allowing dogs to sniff the dryer or blower before you turn it on. Then we place your dog a little bit away from the blower and let him hear the sound of it before we actually use it on him. And, of course, we are always patient with your dog, and take our time with a blowout, making sure he is comfortable along the way as well.


  • Consider the way your dog’s breed looks typically. As professional groomers, we make sure that we are blowing your dog out and grooming him to that breed’s guidelines.
  • If your dog has a double coat, he will blow his coat at least twice a year depending on where you live and how the seasons change. Dogs who have blown their coat have clumps of fur that can be lifted right off of their body. This is the perfect time for a blowout.
  • Your dog may be able to get away with a blowout just those few times a year. Other dogs may need it more often depending on their undercoat how much they shed.
  • If you’re grooming your dog and brushing your dog on a regular basis, blowouts will produce less undercoat each time you do it.
  • Caring for your dog by grooming him on a regular basis will create a healthy coat so blowouts that are necessary are not as messy and are less time consuming, potentially saving you money.

Everyone loves a good blowout. Your dog may not be excited at first, but to keep your dog beautiful and fluffy a good blowout, especially in times when your dog blows coat, is necessary to keep your pup in Top Dog shape. If you have a dog that is oh-so-fluffy, he will enjoy a good blowout as necessary because it will get rid of his excess hair making him feel oh-so-much better!  Trusting an experienced grooming facility, like New Mexican Kennels, to do the job will make the experience even better!  And, your dog will enjoying the feeling of not having all that extra hair!

Have questions about your dog’s grooming needs?  Give us a call at (505) 344-0158 and any of our experienced staff members will be able to assist you or visit our grooming page here.