Dog Training in Albuquerque, NM

New Mexican Kennels in Albuquerque, NM, recognizes that the bond between an owner and their dog is a very special one. Our dog training program is designed to enhance that relationship and help your dog to be the best that he or she can be! In addition to your dog spending time with one of our trainers, you will be provided with detailed instructions for reinforcement at home. We realize with today’s busy schedules sometimes you need a little help to get it started or to keep your dog on the right track.  We hope to make that as easy as possible. That's why we're a premier dog trainer in Albuquerque.

Our Dog Training Philosophy

Positive reward-based training is proven to produce happy dogs that are willing to work, an essential component for success in teaching new behaviors!  We believe that the dog and their committed pet parent, working in harmony, will enjoy the amazing relationship that owning a well-behaved dog brings.

Manners Day Care - Our Training and Dog Boarding Course

A fun-filled day of learning with games and exercise. Although fun and exercise are the main objectives, participants will learn while they play.

Manners Day Care includes:

  • A 30-minute manners training session
  • 15-minutes of playtime with a K9 Activities Counselor
  • Day Care

Cost: $59.00

Manners Lodging Package*

Our Manners Lodging package is a 7-day program that includes:

  • Seven nights of lodging
  • Seven 30-minute training sessions
  • Consultation and progress report upon discharge

Cost: $465

Our staff provides training for your dog on basic canine manners using repetition, and positive reinforcement.  Daily Lessons may include a variety of learned behaviors including sit, come, attention work, impulse control, leash manners and more. The more often your pet participates in our Manners program, the further advanced they will become.

*The Manners Lodging Package is available for canine lodgers who are boarding at new Mexican Kennels in excess of 7-days. While a minimum seven-day commitment is required to participate in the training program, additional Manners Training days may be added at the rate of $64.00 per day, which includes boarding and training.

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We take special pride in our experienced staff, who demonstrate their love and passion for animals in all that they do! Our Dog Training Courses fill up quickly, so make you make a reservation.

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