Only the Best for Your Dog

To the best of our knowledge we are the only pet boarding kennel in the Albuquerque area to offer our lodgers a choice of super-premium pet foods. The fact is that the vast majority of boarding kennels in the United States only offer one choice of food to their lodgers. Often, that food is not considered a super-premium food, and the kennels buy in bulk in order to receive substantial discounts from manufacturers, thereby increasing their profit margin.

New Mexican Kennels is unique in our approach to feeding our lodgers. We offer them a choice of the same super premium, all-natural dog foods we stock in our retail store, Pawticulars. Why? Because we believe it’s the best food for their health and well-being. Super premium foods contain better ingredients than those found in other “premium” brands. Super premium brands use only human-grade ingredients while leaving OUT:

  • Synthetic preservatives like ethoxyquin (which are substituted for vitamin C or vitamin E)
  • Artificial flavors or colors
  • Corn, wheat or soy proteins
  • Bone meal or byproducts

Super Premium Meal Choices for Your Dog(s) at New Mexican Kennels

  • FROMM Canine

Prefer to bring your dog’s own food?

You are welcome to provide your pet’s regular food. In order to avoid an extra charge, please pre-pack each meal into individual bags. Thank you.

We normally feed 2 meals per day in the AM and PM. However, arrangements can be made if your pet has special requirements. We will feed up to 3 x per day at no extra charge. Special feeding requirements are available, however, a small service charge may apply.

It is recommended you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of check in due to the natural excitement your pet may experience upon arrival. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after you pet arrives home. This will allow your pet ample time to settle in before feeding.

A Value Added Service

If you select one of the super premium foods for your dog and want to continue feeding that same food at home, we’ll give you a discount of 10% on any size bag of the new food when you check out.

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Comfortable and Safe Lodging

Your dog’s comfort and safety is our priority. Canine boarders enjoy private indoor suites with attached outdoor verandas. Overhead doors in each suite separate the interior resting space from individual 18’ long outdoor runs.

Shop Pawticulars Boutique

Looking for a special gift for your furry friend? Explore our exclusive pet boutique. Pawticulars is stocked with an impressive selection of super-premium foods, treats, supplements, toys, bedding, grooming supplies, and more.

Fun Activities for Dogs & Cats

Options for dogs include the Pampered K9-playtimes, A Bone-A-Day, Goodnight Sweetheart, and Looking Good - a day at the spa. Cats and kittens enjoy our Pampered Kitty service - gentle brushing and a cuddling, Tease Me - one-on-one play time, and Catch of the Day - an extra special treat.