Your dog’s comfort and safety is our priority. Our facility has been designed to allow dogs the opportunity to rest and roam at will, while providing pets with a private, safe and secure space away from other lodgers. Canine boarders enjoy private indoor suites with attached outdoor verandas. Overhead doors in each suite separate the interior resting space from individual 18’ long outdoor runs.

Your pets nightly rate includes all the services you would expect from a fine hotel including:

  • Indoor areas are heated and cooled based on the season
  • Two to three Individually catered meals with your choice of super-premium foods
  • Custom designed, hypoallergenic fleece bedding
  • Kuranda® dog beds offering superior comfort and support, available as needed for older guests or those with tender joints
  • Daily housekeeping services using non-toxic, environmentally friendly products to clean and sanitize
  • 24-hour-a-day access to fresh, clean water
  • Late night bedtime checks and a goodnight snack

Room Rates Per Night

Single Dog (1) per room) Includes (1) Playtime $ 36.00
Single Dog (1 per room) No Playtime $ 33.00
Double (2 dogs per room) Includes (1) Playtime $ 67.00
Double (2 dogs per room) No playtime $ 63.00
Triple (3 dogs per room ) Includes (1) Playtime $ 87.00
Triple (3 dogs per room ) No playtime $ 84.00

*Triple option is limited to small size dogs. The number of medium-large size breeds sharing one run is limited to two. If the dogs in a family are a giant breed such as a Wolf Hound or Great Dane, we reserve the right to restrict the space to one suite per dog.

How am I charged for boarding?

The rates at New Mexican Kennel work just like a hotel. You are always charged for the day that you bring your pet in, regardless of the time of day. On the day of pick-up, if you arrive by 12:00 pm, you will not be charged for lodging that day. However, you are charged for a full day’s lodging on Sunday since we are open from 3:00 – 6:00 pm. Or, you may pick your pet up on Monday by 12:00 pm at no extra charge. If your pet is in grooming on the day of departure, you will incur the grooming charges for that day, not an additional day of boarding.

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