The experienced staff at New Mexican Kennels understands each dog has a unique personality. Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity pets receive, the healthier and the happier they will be. We offer and recommend the following activities to satisfy the needs of our canine guests.

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Pampered Dog Sessions

Give your dog the kind of special love and attention it deserves. One-on-one sessions in 15-minute increments with one of our experienced K9 Activities Counselors are customized for your pet and can include:

  • A game of catch – Frisbee or Ball
  • A refreshing dip in the Wading Pool
  • Quiet Cuddling and Brushing Time

Scheduling options vary, with a maximum of three sessions daily. Rotating schedules are also available so your pet gets a Pampered Dog Session on certain days during his or her stay. The cost for each session is $10 per dog.

Basic Training

Training sessions for lodgers include basic manners, heel, sit, stay, and place. Fee: $35.00 per day. Session: 30-minutes (or, based on age of dog and trainer’s discretion may be broken up into two 15-minute sessions. Please visit our Training page for more complete information.


Entertainment and a tasty treat all rolled into one! Room service will deliver a housemade frozen treat. Rotating flavors, 2 for $1.

Spa Day

Relax, rejuvenate and renew – Be sure to check out our full service Grooming and Day Spa menu as well. A grooming session prior to check out is a favorite among our lodgers.

About Our Play Area - Pavlov’s Garden

Pavlov’s Garden is a 3,000 square foot securely fenced, landscaped area. Features include:

  • Bridges over dry stream beds
  • Plenty of plants and trees
  • A people bench for sitting and jumping
  • A gazebo for sitting in the shade and interacting with your pet
  • Trails to explore
  • Rocks to climb
  • Agility equipment to play on
  • An automatic ball thrower for those intense retrievers

All in all, Pavlov’s Garden is the perfect place for your dog to run around, sniff and explore. And, as always, they are accompanied at all times by a K9 Activities Counselor.

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Dogs Dig a Grooming Spa Day

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