New Mexican Kennels is unique in our approach to feeding our lodgers. To please the sophisticated palette of our feline lodgers, we offer the finest, all-natural food from a variety of cat food brands that we stock in our pet supply store, Pawticulars.

Super Premium Meal Choices for Your Feline Friend

  • PURE VITA/Grain Free

If you are unsure which brand is best for your cat, one of our Customer Care Specialists will happily assist you.

Finicky eater? You’re welcome to bring your cat’s own food.

You are welcome to provide your cat’s regular food. In order to avoid an extra charge, please pre-pack each meal into individual bags or provide enough cans for your kitty’s stay. Thank you.

We normally feed 2 meals per day in the AM and PM. However, arrangements can be made if your pet has special requirements. We will feed up to 3 x per day at no extra charge. Special feeding requirements are available, however, a small service charge may apply.

It is recommended you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of check in due to the natural excitement your pet may experience upon arrival. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after you pet arrives home. This will allow your pet ample time to settle in before feeding.

A Value Added Service

If you select one of the super premium foods for your cat and want to continue feeding that same food at home, we’ll give you a discount of 10% on any size bag of the new food when you check out.

Request a Reservation. (505) 344-0158

We take special pride in our experienced staff, who demonstrate their love and passion for animals in all that they do!

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Pamper and Play

Treat your cat to a Pampered Cat Session such as quiet lap and brushing time or sign them up for a Play Session where they can chase feathers, lights and other toys with our Feline Activity Counselors.

Don't Worry, we have Answers

You can be rest assured that we are prepared to care for your beloved cat. Read our FAQs to learn what we do if your cat required veterinary care, boarding for cat families, boarding during holidays and more.

A Safe and Healthy Environment

Certification from a veterinarian is required from each of our guests before admittance can be allowed. Learn more about which vaccinations are required for your pet prior to his or her stay.