Pampered Kitty!

Treat your beloved cat to a special Pampered Pet Session. Whether your cat enjoys quiet snuggle time or active playtime we have a Pampered Pet Session that is just right!

Pampered Cat Sessions

Give your cat the kind of special love and attention it deserves. Sessions are customized to your cat and can include:

  • Quiet Lap and Brushing Time
  • A game of toy chase
  • A romp in the Kitty Room

Teaser Play Sessions

Great for the cat on the prowl and can include teasing with a peacock feather, a mouse laser light, teaser toys, and more by one of our Feline Activity Counselors.

Kitty Play Room

Gives your cat free roam in our special kitty play room with climbing and scratching posts, toys, catnip, and furniture.

Kitty Walks

Does your cat enjoy the sights and sounds only the outdoors can provide? Is your cat leash trained? If so, schedule a walk for your cat through our lush, scenic Pavlov’s Garden with one of our Feline Activities Counselors.

Catch O’ The Day

Your cat will be spoiled from the many surprises of the sea! A delicious and wholesome gourmet treat awaits your pampered feline.

Information and Reservations

For more information on our Feline Activities Packages, or to request your reservation, please call (505) 344-0158

We take special pride in our caring, experienced staff. As they go about their respective duties, they demonstrate their love and passion for animals in all that they do!

Related Services

Comfortable and Safe Lodging

Each of our feline guests receives their own kitty condo where they can relax and bask in the glow of attention from our experienced and caring staff. Our cattery is located separate from our canine lodging area so feline guests enjoy a quiet, peaceful environment.

Don't Worry, we have Answers

You can be rest assured that we are prepared to care for your beloved cat. Read our FAQs to learn what we do if your cat required veterinary care, boarding for cat families, boarding during holidays and more.

Only the Best

To please the sophisticated palette of our feline lodgers, we offer the finest, all-natural food from a variety of cat food brands that we stock in our pet supply store, Pawticulars. However, you're welcome to provide your cat's regular food.