Where will my dog stay?

Your dog’s comfort and safety is our priority. Our facility has been designed to allow dogs the opportunity to rest and roam at will while providing pets with a private, safe and secure space away from other lodgers. Canine boarders enjoy private indoor suites with attached outdoor verandas. Overhead doors in each suite separate the interior resting space from individual 18’ long outdoor runs.

During the day, the door is left open and the pets have the ability to go in and out as they please. At night, and during extreme weather (hot or cold), we do bring all pets inside. The inside has heating and cooling systems, depending on the season. The veranda runs have a 4’ concrete wall between them, so dogs cannot fence fight or cross contaminate. Freshwater is available at all times and water buckets are disinfected between occupants. All areas of the kennel are disinfected daily, using a high-pressure cleaning system.