I want to board my dogs together, what if my dogs have a fight while staying at the kennel?

Often times, dogs from the same family will have minor spats over food or treats. This is normal behavior and not usually a concern, we will note that they are to be fed separately and no rawhide bones are to be given without supervision. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs will get into very aggressive fights. When these fights take place our staff is trained to defuse the situation and separate the dogs. They will remain separate for the duration of the stay to prevent any serious injury. Once a fight occurs at our facility, we will not risk allowing them to stay together in the future. This type of fight is most likely to occur between a young dog and an old dog and is usually to reassert dominance. For their own safety we will not board dogs together if their ages vary by 10 years or more, or if the older dog is not in good health. Dogs that are known to fight at home will not be allowed to board together.