Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Last week we provided tips for choosing the appropriate costume for your pet. This week, we’ve got some safety tips to help your pet not only cope with the Holiday, but enjoy the experience as well. There are many Halloween pet safety hazards related to this October holiday - some are well-known (the dangers of chocolate), and some aren’t, (xylitol toxicity). Learn what to b...
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Holiday Pet Food Safety

Holiday foods that are safe for dogs and cats to eat and those that are harmful to them. YES – Turkey. It’s a great lean protein to share with your pet. REMOVE any skin, fat and bones and stick to white meat. NO– Mushrooms, onions, garlic, leeks, or scallions. Mushrooms are dangerous! If a dog or cat ingests mushrooms, side effects can be quite severe. They may include vomiting, ...
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Healthy Treats From The Produce Section

Looking for a low-cost, low-calorie treat for your dog? Look no further than the produce section of your supermarket! Vegetables are the easiest, healthiest way you can treat your dogs without feeling guilty! To ensure your dog gets the most nutrition from a vegetable, make sure you use a food processor or chop or steam vegetables before adding to their food to aid in absorption of all ...
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