Be SAFE Around Dogs You Know

  We’re so happy to bring you this week’s BLOG courtesy of our new friends at Good Dog in a box. They have a wonderful array of free information on keeping kids of all ages safe around dogs as well as a COOL online store. We’re not stopping here. COMING YOUR WAY NEXT WEEK: Be SAFE around strange dogs. Now, let’s get started! EVEN FAMILY DOGS CAN BITE Don’t let your child become a st...
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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Last week we provided tips for choosing the appropriate costume for your pet. This week, we’ve got some safety tips to help your pet not only cope with the Holiday, but enjoy the experience as well. There are many Halloween pet safety hazards related to this October holiday - some are well-known (the dangers of chocolate), and some aren’t, (xylitol toxicity). Learn what to b...
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7 Spring Home “Fixer Upper” Hazards for Pets

BY DR. TINA WISMER DVM, DABVT, DABT | APRIL 20, 2015 Spring is in the air and so are the scent of paint fumes and the buzz of power tools. Warmer weather encourages many home and apartment dwellers to spruce up their abodes with a little project or two. While you are measuring, taping and scraping, however, don’t forget to protect your pets. Home repair is stressful enough without...
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