Canine Ear & Eye Care

Not all breeds of dog require routine trimming of the coat around the eyes and ears, but all should undergo regular inspection and cleaning around these sensitive areas. It will help prevent the development of infections that could seriously damage these vital organs. Dogs with heavy, wiry, curly, corded, double or combination coats are likely to benefit from periodic trimming around the e...
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Failing Vision in Senior Pets - No. 2 in Series - Health Issues Affecting Senior Pets

VISION LOSS IN OLDER DOGS Older dogs, just like older people tend to develop eye problems as they age. The most common eye problems of old dogs are cataracts, glaucoma and nuclear sclerosis. Blindness can develop from the first two conditions, and from retinal degeneration with age. Signs that your dog is losing his eyesight are often quite obvious. He might bump into walls or furnit...
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Common Health Problems Affecting Small Breed Dogs

  Patellar Luxation Patellar luxation, commonly known as dislocated kneecap occurs with such frequency in small and miniature dog breeds that it ranks as the #1 health problem according to most pet healthcare experts. This problem is usually a congenital defect but can also result in a blunt trauma injury. Veterinarians grade this condition on a scale of 1-4 wi...
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