Our Promise

New Mexican Kennels is committed to the health and well being of our canine and feline friends. To help ensure their health, we feed and sell super premium pet food. We feed our own dogs this same food, and we offer all the brands and varieties we carry to our canine and feline lodgers.

Our Philosophy

Studies have shown that dogs and cats (in fact, all mammals,) are designed to consume a range of different foods.

We believe that variety is the spice of life, and changing the main ingredients of your pet’s food, using a systematic rotation plan every (3) months, helps to avoid the development of allergies and is most beneficial to the health of your pet.

Why Feed Super Premium Pet Food

Super Premium pet foods contain better ingredients than those found in the premium brands. Most super premium brands use only human-grade ingredients.

  • They do NOT contain synthetic preservatives like ethoxyquin, substituting instead, Vitamin C or Vitamin E.
  • They do NOT contain artificial flavors or colors.
  • Super Premium food may be more expensive, however, your pet is receiving concentrated nutrition that is packed into smaller portion sizes, which may be more economical.

Dogs and Cats Nutritional Requirements

Dogs are Omnivores; they can digest and absorb nutrients from a variety of sources. Part of a dog’s nutrition can come from plant sources, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains; (This is one reason dogs will occasionally eat grass).

  • A dog will receive better nutrition from a food, which contains more meat than plant ingredients

Cats are Obligate Carnivores. Cats cannot digest or absorb any nutrients from plants. Cats must get their nutrition from meat sources.

  • A cat will not do well on a food, which is made up primarily of grains and/or plants

For these reasons pet foods should be produced from appropriate food sources.

How Wholesome is Your Pet Food?

The best way to determine the wholesomeness of the food that you give to your pet is to read the list of ingredients on the package. The Food And Drug Administration enforces the law, which states that the ingredients in all food must be listed in order of weight of the final product. This means that the first ingredient in a list of ingredients on a package of food (human or animal) must have the most weight of any of the ingredients in that list.

When reading a pet food label the first ingredient should be a meat source, preferably meat meal from a single source (ex: Lamb meal, Chicken meal, Salmon meal). A meat meal is the dried and ground muscle meat from that animal source. Since meat meal does not contain water like fresh meat (refer to Glossary of terms) a meat meal will contain more nutrients and be heavier than fresh meat.