Canine Ear & Eye Care

Not all breeds of dog require routine trimming of the coat around the eyes and ears, but all should undergo regular inspection and cleaning around these sensitive areas. It will help prevent the development of infections that could seriously damage these vital organs. Dogs with heavy, wiry, curly, corded, double or combination coats are likely to benefit from periodic trimming around the e...
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Signs of Heart Disease in Pets - No. 4 in Series - Health Issues Affecting Senior Pets

#4 in our Series on Health Issues Affecting Senior Pets. Today’s article applies not only to our senior pets but to all cats and dogs, hence we’ve removed the word Senior Pets from the title. Look for our eBook in February which will include all four articles: Behavior Changes in Senior Pets, Failing Vision in Senior Pets, Hearing Loss in Senior Pets, and this article, Signs ...
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